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"Technology & East-West relations: Transfers, parallel histories, and the European laboratory"


4th Tensions of Europe Plenary Conference & Closing ESF Inventing Europe Conference, Sofia, June, 17-20 2010

The main theme of the conference is Technology & East-West relations: Transfers, parallel histories, and the European laboratory.

All contributions focus on the circulation and appropriation of technologies between Eastern and Western Europe as an entry point into the contested practice of Europeanization. During the Cold War Europe has been one of the central laboratories for the experimentation with ideological and political regimes, which infected traditional paths of knowledge and technology transfer in Europe. While the history of the Cold War has mainly been told as a history of discontinuity and fragmentation, all conference papers deal with examples of successful co-operation or “hidden continuities” in inter-European technology transfer during the 20th century.

General areas to be explored are:

• Changing times: Continuities and discontinuities in the transfers of knowledge and technology between Eastern and Western Europe.

• Negotiating identities: spaces and places of co-operation or confrontation before, during, and after the Cold War.

• Parallel histories: alternative processes of European integration and fragmentation in
Eastern and Western Europe.

• Blurred boundaries: spill-over effects and holes in the Iron Curtain

• Europe as a trading zone, a symbolic battle field, and the diplomatic playground for
world hegemony.

• Chilling effects: Technologies at war & wartime technology

• Contested approaches: the merits and pitfalls of concepts like Americanization, Sovietisation, Westernization for European historiography.

Key note speaker Prof. Luciano Segreto
Conference website: www.conference2010sofia.com

Early registration deadline May 19, 2010

Conference is supported by European Science Foundation.

Other sponsors: Foundation for the history of Technology; St Kliment Ohridski University, Sofia; Paisii Hilendarski University, Plovdiv and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

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