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The Culture of Camouflage - the Culture of the Transition form Modernity to Postmodernity

Temenuga Rakadjiiska 
Ключови думи
култура, модерност, постмодерност
The key thesis of the article asserts that in the current difficult transformation from centralized economy to liberalization of socio-economic processes, the diffusion of the Culture of Modernity and the Culture of Postmodernity in the transition societies brought a new hybrid culture, which I call Camouflage Culture.

Modernity brought profession, professionals, professional knowledge and professional culture. This is the culture of the logical interconnections, of thorough and particular knowledge and mostly a Culture of Responsibility. Postmodernity generated intermediation, the experts, expert knowledge and, with all that, the Expert Culture. This culture is about universal knowledge, associative interconnections but above all it is a culture of declining responsibility. In my view, the Camouflage Culture stemmed from deficiency of both professional and expert knowledge. Having developed in an environment where the Modernity culture was poorly internalized and in conditions of no reflection on the Postmodernity culture, the Camouflage Culture can be distinctly identified in the transition societies in South-Eastern Europe, but without much difficulty, I believe, in other geographies, as well.

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