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Roumen Avramov
[email protected]
Персонални данни
Образование и кариера
- 1986, Ph.D. from the Higher Institute of Economics, Sofia; Ph.D. Thesis: “Business Fluctuations in Capitalist Economies - Sources, Mechanism, Methodology of Analysis”.
- 1974, M.S. from the Higher Institute of Economics, Department of Political Economy, Sofia.
- 1969, Lycee de l’Alliance Francaise, Santiago de Chile

Работни езици
Bulgarian, English, French, Spanish, Russian
Академични данни
Associate Prof.

Поле на изява
Economics, History,

Работно място
- 1994 (December) - to present: Programming Director (Economic Research) - Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia. (A non-profit, non-governmental, think-tank organization.)
- 2005 (January) – to present: Academic associate, Centre for Advanced Studies, Sofia
- 1997 (June) – 2002 (June): Member, Board of Governors of the Bulgarian National Bank
- 1998 (February) – 2002 (June): Director for Bulgaria (non-resident), Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, (A regional multilateral development bank established by the Member States of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation),Thessaloniki, Greece;
- 1991 (June) - 1994 (April) Vice-President, 1994 (April) - 1994 (December) Acting President, Agency for Economic Coordinaton and Development (Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria);
- 1990 - 1991: Economic Adviser to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria;
- 1976 - 1990: Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Изследователски интереси
history of economics, economical culture
Comments on economic science in Bulgaria от Roumen Avramov
In "Three Social Sciences in Central and Eastern EuropeHandbook on Economics, Political Sciences and Sociology"
Език: English
The State and the Banking System от Roumen Avramov
In "120 years Executive Power in Bulgaria", pp.47-64
1999 Sofia
Език: Bulgarian
The Unrealized Conservative Manifesto in Bulgaria от Roumen Avramov
In “The Capitalism in Bulgaria”, by Stoyan Bochev
1998 Sofia
Език: Bulgarian
Advising, conditionality, culture: money doctors in Bulgaria, 1900-2000. от Roumen Avramov

0 London, Routledge In: Money Doctors. The international financial advising 1
Език: English
Monetary and Fiscal Policies in South-East Europe. Historical and Comparative Perspective от Roumen Avramov, Sevket Pamuk (Editors)
First general Meeting of the South-East Europe Monetary History Network, 13-14 April 2006, Sofia. Conference Proceedings.
2006 Bulgarian national Bank
Език: English
“East”-“Wеst” Cultural Encounters. Entrepreneurship, Governance, Economic Knowledge от Petya Kabakchieva, Roumen Avramov (Editors)

Език: English
Bulgarian National Bank, Selected Documents. от R. Avramov (Editor)
vol. I (1879 - 1900); vol. II (1901 - 1914); vol. III (1915 - 1929); vol. IV (1930-1947)
2004 National Archives of Bulgaria and Bulgarian National Bank
Език: Bulgarian
The Economic 20th Century of Bulgaria от Roumen Avramov
The book presents an attempt to examine the Bulgarian economic history from an unusual viewpoint. An attempt looking for those powerful motives which influence the incessant flow of the economic time under the visible chaos of concrete circumstances, troubles, and aberrations. The book represents a reflection on the philosophy of the Bulgarian economic development – the unusual spiritual field which will host many of the most-important conflicts of our future encounters with Europe.
2001 Centre for Liberal Strategies Sofia
Език: Bulgarian
120 Years Bulgarian National Bank, 1879 - 1999 от Roumen Avramov
An annotated chronology
1999 Bulgarian National Bank
Език: English
Economic Transition in Bulgaria от R. Avramov, V. Antonov (Editors)

1994 Agency for Economic Coordination and Development
Език: English
2006 Tallin
Exit Strategies from Currency Board Arrangements International Conference "Currency Boards – Experience and Perspective"
2001 Venice
Foreign Debt and Monetary Crises in Bulgaria (1878 – 1914) Summer School "Credibility and Crises in Financial History"

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